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Paving the path towards sustainable food production

May 2016 – Stockton STK, a leading company in development and marketing of botanical based solutions for crop protection, announced today that they signed a distribution agreement with Duwest Dominicana in the Dominican Republic for Timorex Gold®.

As the world’s population increases and the need for food sustainability grows by trade and/or consumers, Stockton STK continually invests in research and development to bring new sustainable crop protection solutions to the farmer.

Timorex Gold® is a biofungicide which provides an effective, sustainable solution that improves productivity and efficiency of the crop, lowering residues in the food production while reducing chemical load and negative environmental impacts.

Timorex Gold® has been sold by Duwest in the Dominican Republic for the past 8 years, in the organic banana sector with excellent results in the control of the fungus Micosphaerella fijensis. This fungus is the cause of a terrible plague known as Black Sigatoka, which affects and damages banana plantations around the world.

“Stockton has been partners with Duwest for many years now. The synergy between both companies is very high as we are committed to improving yield production without compromising environmental integrity so that the farmer can safely produce sustainable, healthy, high quality food.” explained Guy Elitzur, CEO of Stockton STK. “This is another significant confirmation of our product’s platform, paving the way for the flow of our new and innovative products and for sustainable crop protection.”

“We are pleased to continue our business relationship with Stockton STK that began over 8 years ago,” Randolfo Funez, Country Manager of Duwest Dominican. “There is no doubt in our mind that Timorex Gold® is an effective tool in the fight against Black Sigatoka and other plant diseases.”

Timorex Gold®, equivalent to chemical fungicides and is suitable to be used in conventional and organic agriculture, meets the demand of modern agriculture without compromising environmental integrity so that the farmer can safely produce sustainable, healthy, high quality food. Timorex Gold® is registered and sold in over 30 countries worldwide, achieves high performance in disease control and the reduction of chemical pesticides waste.




About Duwest Group

Duwest is a 50-50 partnership with DuPont (a multinational leader in the chemical and agricultural sector) and Westrade (a pioneer company in the formulation and synthesis of products protecting crops with more than 50 years of presence in the market of Central America and the Caribbean and more than 4 years ago also in the market of Colombia. It serves more than 14.000 clients in the region and represents companies leading the crop protection market such as Dow, Syngenta, Adama, Gowan, Sumitomo, Monsanto, Pioneer, Jacto, Stoller and now Stockton and others. Its focus is to provide farmers and customers in the region with excellent quality products and services to improve agricultural production and the challenge of healthy and sustainable feeding to a growing population every day.

About Stockton STK

Stockton STK is a leading biotechnology company, specializing in the development and marketing of botanical-based solutions. Stockton’s core focus is on incorporating biological solutions into integrated agriculture to create a balanced, cleaner and sustainable agricultural environment.

Stockton STK is a global company established in 1994 active and selling in over 30 countries worldwide. Stockton has a unique R&D Center based in Israel, investing substantial resources for the development of future natural products for crop protection. Stockton has a variety of products adapted to different agro ecological areas, biological parameters and regulatory guidelines.

Stockton’s flagship, awards winning product Timorex Gold® is used to protect and control a broad spectrum of diseases in diverse crops. The product demonstrates an efficacy equivalent to chemical fungicides and is suitable to be used organic agriculture as well as conventional. Timorex Gold® is registered and sold in over 30 countries.

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