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Advertisement Proposal

Topic: Advertisement Proposal in the Largest and Most Comprehensive Internet Portal in the Area of Agricultural Companies and Inputs in Israel

AgroNet Portal is a comprehensive and professional agricultural portal constituting a major quality information source for growers of vegetables and fruits, growers, R&D managers, marketers, exporters, agricultural wholesalers, consultants, irrigation planners, water coordinators, purchase managers, buyers, students and everyone else engaged or interested in agriculture.

The Portal constitutes a major breakthrough in the availability of professional information, and its real-time update to a designated target population 24 hours a day worldwide.

The Portal focuses on management of professional index of companies in various areas of agriculture: seeds, fertilizers, irrigation, seedlings, pest control, organic agriculture, soil disinfection, mechanisation, storage, transportation, collection, export, greenhouses, drippers in israel and more…


The Index offers several search options: by company name, market category, name of the variety to be grown or products name. The Index is designed to match information demands about the company in all relevant issues.


The Portal offers professional information such as professional articles in varies area, written by leading experts in the field, exhibitions and conventions in Israel and abroad, standardization section, agricultural tenders, the latest news and innovations, links to selected sites in the business, learning section and second-hand billboard.

We see the transformation of the Portal into a first of its kind top-of-the-line working tool for the community of those engaged in the area of agriculture as our primary goal. The Portal is promoted thanks to extensive advertisement activity and full cooperation on the part of all the major players in the area…

Sincerely Yours,
Ayelet Oron,
AgroNet Site CEO

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The agronet Portal system does its best to bring you news, articles, studies, news from Israel and more information about the water industry and the environment industry. If you are interested in any proposal, we will be happy to contact you

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