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New Cinderella Pumpkin from the Arava

Ein Yahav is happy to introduce the new Cinderella pumpkin, a fairy tale inspired breed.

The new pumpkin introduces a new taste, that stands out from existing pumpkin flavors, and a long shelf life. For this reason the pumpkin can serve as decoration until it is eaten.

According to Rami Sade, agronomist for the Ein Yahav cooperative, the pumpkin was named the Cinderella because of its build, which includes a thin outer layer and large interior area with seeds. In spite of its size, which can grow to 40cm, the pumpkin is light to carry.


The Cinderella pumpkin can be easily sliced and used as filling or in a long cooking oven dish. Thanks to its size and rich, buttery flavor the pumpkin is very filling. The pumpkin offers a high beta carotene level, which in the human body is transformed into Vitamin A.

The Cinderella pumkin is part of the new series of pumpkins that the Ein Yahav growers developed together with Origin Seeds and also includes a blue pumpkin and smaller, denser variations. They join the unique varieties of existing pumpkis: the Acorn pumkin and Giant pumpkin.

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