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Rules Portal Agront

Welcome to Agronet (In the following: “Agronet” or “The Website”) – a professional and extensive web portal for  crop companies along with products for the Vegetable and Fruit branches.

The Website features its leading search index allowing advertisement of companies and/or private people in various categories.

Subject to the following conditions of use, you would be able to browse through the Website’s pages, advertise Services and/or Products on the Website’s sections, and also use the different variety of offered services on the Website.

The following Terms and Conditions define your rights and obligations regarding the services, ordering a service, the way they are supplied.

The Terms and Conditions specified here are articulated in Masculine form for convenience only, and refer to both genders.

General Terms and Conditions

Agronet is not responsible to the Website’s advertisement content and commercial information on the Website and/or inside third-party websites.

Advertising at Agronet is not considered an offer and/or recommendation and/or encouragement from behalf of Agronet to procure the services or products offered for sale.

Each deal done following an advertisement or advertised information on Agronet and/or other websites will be directly be settled between the User and the relevant Advertiser.

Under no specific instruction or address of this issue, Agronet will  not be considered a  side in this type of deal, nor will it bear any responsibility for the Services and Goods offered or purchased using the service.

Intellectual Property

Everything displayed on this website including the design, information and programmable material are the exclusive property of Agronet, no person, by any means, is allowed to copy some of the site, or the entire site, without a written permission, signed by the site’s Manager – Ayelet Oron only.

To avoid doubt, it is emphasized that the Design on the Website belongs to Ayelet Oron and no parts of it  are allowed to be copied or the entire website as a a whole, by any Digital or other Technological means.

The full extent of Copyrights and Intellectual Property on the services as well as the Website’s design, including names, Trademarks, Patents and Samples, whether registered or not registered (As follows: “The information”) – are the property of Agronet only, for this matter, unless otherwise specified. No Copying, Distributing,Duplicating, publicly presenting, involving third-parties about the Website’s information and/or any part of it.

Advertising at Agronet

Advertising at Agronet involves payment which will be fixed for a period of time, and change from time to time. The Ad’s price varies according to its components, for example Images inside the Ad, Emphasizing, Personal page, URL links, etc.

The Advertisement’s price will be displayed for your confirmation, and you will be advised to approve it using an application form,  by Fax, or  by Email.

Agronet’s Expert Forum

Agronet’s forum system is a place of gathering for agricultural visitors, intended to set the stage for information and ideas in a vast variety of agriculture-related Topics.

The main principle by which we operate the forums is to consult experts of various fields and to exchange Information.

Freedom of speech principle applies on our forums. However, make sure you follow the basic principles.

For your information, the forum system is monitored as to make sure forum rules are enforced.  The forum administrators are chosen by Agronet’s web portal and are authorized to decide on their own professional judgement; Offensive posts for the audience of users or irrelevant posts will be removed by the forum’s administrator, by their consideration and conclusions only.

Be advised, that Agronet avoids compromising the forum users’ Freedom of Speech, and the goal of this supervision is to allow maximum users to opinionate efficiently, fairly, and constructively.

As well as, posting content of these characteristics is prohibited:

–        Law-violating content in the state of Israel

–        Encouragement  for the commitment of crime or any offense.

–        Property Rights separation

–        Slandering

–        Racism in any form

–        Offending the public’s sentiments.

–        Inappropriate language

–        Spam or flooding by sending messages repeatedly and/or other irrationally.

–        Postings which are prohibited for advertising and prohibited for publishing by the State’s authorities.

–        Pornography

–        Viruses including any hostile software such as Malware and/or Trojan

–        Advertisements and Content uploaded by the forum’s online visitors are their own Property Right material, on which Copyright rules apply. Nevertheless, Agronet will be authorized to advertise the content/advertisement anywhere it will find suitable, inside the Website or other websites which belong to the Website’s operator.


Any Visitor who advertises content or advertisements will be held responsible for it directly and exclusively.


Any damage or offense done to a visitor himself, or to any other person, will hold the Visitor responsible for it. Agronet will not be held responsible none so ever.


At the Forum, Advice is given to the Visitor’s questions, both by other visitors and by Agronet’s Experts. Either Agronet or its consultants are responsible for any advice whether given by a consultant or another visitor of the Website, Agronet will be exempt from any resulted damage to this matter.


Location of Website Advertisements


Excluding determining the section in which the Advertisement will be published, or the main page, including web Links, the Advertisement’s location will be determined by Agronet’s management, by its own absolute judgment, without any claim, lawsuit or demand in this manner. Unless otherwise agreed upon when making the Advertisement reservation.


Personal Details


During Subscription, you will be asked to disclose, among other things, various personal details (i.e. Full name, Email address, Home or Business address, etc.)

The subscriber in joining Agronet’s mailing database hereby allows Agronet use his personal details to be able to receive Website Updates and/or Commercial Material and/or Commercial Information and/or Marketing Material and/or Marketing Information using his Email address.


Notice: Your personal details will not be published on the Website.


Ad Deletion


Agronet’s management has the right, by its own judgment, to refuse publishing any Ad you have submitted for publishing, for any reason whatsoever.


Agronet’s management has further right to delete any content as stated above, even it was already published at Agronet in the past, without further notice. Without diminishing the stated above, Agronet’s management will have the right to delete information as stated, among others, for technical reasons, if the published information, or the way it was published contradict some of the Terms of Use at Agronet, or if Agronet’s attention was explicitly directed towards law-violating content or material.


Changes at Agronet


Agronet’s management is allowed to change the structure or the Website, its appearance, the scope of services and their availability, in addition to any other aspect involved in it, that said, without any need to pre-inform any specific user about such changes.


These changes will be performed, among others, given the dynamic nature of the Internet, and Technological changes which occur over the Internet.


Hereby agreed, that the user will have no Claim, Lawsuit, and/or Demand towards Agronet and/or its representatives because of performed changes as stated and/or Technical issues resulted from performed changes as stated.


Throughout its services, Agronet will act to allow full and proper operation of its service-providing Systems.


Warranty Limitation


Agronet’s Services contain external referrals (“URL Links”) to Sources and/or Databases, Services, Content of third-party websites.

Agronet is unable to control and/or supervise the Information and/or Services provided and/or Published by third-parties and/or using third-parties, whether directly or indirectly.

It is clear and agreed upon, that any referrals (“URL Links”) posted by Agronet at the Website by its management, will not be interpreted as an offer, support, encouragement, agreement, or sponsorship, explicitly and inexplicitly, for the Content and/or Services proposed by third-parties.


To eliminate any doubt, Agronet does not give Sponsorship, encourages, offers, agrees, or opinionate over the validity and/or accuracy and/or quality and level of Content and/or any Information, Commercials, Services, Products, opinions and standpoints, that third-party websites refer to.


It is hereby cleared, that Agronet’s editorial staff receives Information from multiple sources which use it, and that Agronet has no control over these sources. Therefore, the entire information in this content is presented as appeared originally, without any responsibility by Agronet. Agronet is not responsible for the truthfulness, accuracy, validity, or integrity of the Content and/or matching them for any of the users’ purposes.


Agronet’s management will not be responsible for errors or exclusions from Content which have been uploaded to the system and/or Information arises from Links that refer to external websites.


Users understand that they may be exposed to false Information and/or Misleading and/or Offensive including all types of Content forbidden for publishing as stated above.


Although Agronet’s management is making its best effort to maintain the services, it has no, and will have none responsibility in the future for any Error, Defect, Profit Loss or any type of damage which will be caused and/or may cause as a result of service usage and/or as a result of not being able to use Services.


Agronet does not guarantee that Content and published advertisements  in a certain time, including Links and referrals, will be published online in the long-term as well, and will hold no responsibility for it.


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